From Africa to Europe…All in a Day’s Work.

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From Africa to Europe…All in a Day’s Work.

It is a common occurrence to have founder of Solid Rock Event technical Keith Mac Intyre traverse from Africa to different parts of the world to extend and expand on his knowledge and various services in sound, lighting and stage rigging. Yet what makes Solid Rock’s presence in Europe this year truly memorable is that for the first time Keith was accompanied by his long time standing colleague Rolley on the trip. This was Rolley’s first ever trip to Europe and speaks volumes on the type of growth Solid Rock plans to invest in its staff.

The two were invited by Solid Rock’s local supplier DWR distribution to attend the Pro Light & Sound Expo in Frankfurt, Germany. DWR invited a group to attend the expo and followed the invite up with a memorable city tour of the Czech Republic via Prague. The trip to the Czech Republic was intended to take the group on a tour through the Robe factory in order to showcase all their new products that will be coming out this year. Robe is a brand of lighting that Solid Rock purchases from DWR who are the local distributers in South Africa. Solid Rock has been DWR’s clients since the former first opened its doors for business in 2009 and have fostered a mutually supportive relationship that has stood the test of time.

Both Keith and Rolley who represented the Solid Rock team in Europe are said to have had an awesome experience. Being able to share this experience with other likeminded companies hailing from South Africa and Namibia was one of the highlights of the trips according to Solid Rock founder Keith Mac Intyre . “ We seldom get the chance to mingle or socialise, we have all heard of each other but it was great to share some good times with them & get to know our Supplier”.
Yet what really made the trip a special one was the fact that it was Rolley’s first trip to Europe. The best part for him was their tour at the Robe lights company where he got the chance to see first-hand how Robe lights are made from scratch and how they are combined together, “It really was a great experience” cites Rolley. When asked about his experience of Europe he responded that “Germany was really nice. The people there are great and they are united. The restaurants are the best and i got to sleep in one of the nicest hotels in frankfurter”.
Although Rolley is adamant this was not a social visit he still cannot help but express how much fun he had. He ends it best by saying “I would like to take this opportunity to thank my company Solid Rock Events and my Boss Keith for the great opportunity he has given me to go out the and spread my wings. I really appreciate”.

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