Solid Rock / ENACTUS


Venue: Sandton Convention Centre, Pavillion
Pax: 5 000
Equipment Used: Lighting, Sound, Display, Rigging, Staging and Sets

The Event: PDC, a technical production company based in Oklahoma, is the preferred technical production team for Enactus, a global non-profit organization that is made up of a community of students, academics and business leaders committed to entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a better, more sustainable world. Each year they host a World Cup Event to showcase excellent entrepreneurial action. In 2016 South Africa was the selected destination for this event and PDC procured Solid Rock to assist with the full technical execution.


The event production involved a conference as well as entertainment and an after party. It all took place over five days to an audience of 5000 people.


The technical execution consisted of five large projection screen surfaces for video playback with multiple outputs, LED Screen inserts between the projection surfaces, a raised DJ booth situated in the centre of the room and our Meyer Line Array to suit the audio requirements. The set up took 3 Days with a crew of 23 Senior Technicians.


October 1, 2015


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