Specialising in technical support for venues, conference rooms, and corporate boardrooms:


Network infrastructure: The network is the key element to the communication and delivery of content. We will install the infrastructure, providing ease of access and identification. Systems can be managed remotely or on-site.


Automation and Integration Programming: Multiple systems can be used. All systems, based on the needs of the venue or individual have remote touch screen panels, web-based access, mobile app access or automated switching based on the inputs selected. Systems can also be scheduled based on the environment and have specific logged information as well as error reporting.


Onsite and Call Out Technical Support: Solid Rock provides on-site support crew for events, or various technicians for specific call out needs after a fault is detected.


Installations: With installations covering all ranges of networks, video, sound, lighting, security, and access all designed, integrated and installed with the end user in mind.


Venue Assessments: Assessments of client/venue needs. Proposals presented for upgrade and management. Report finding and system analysis. On-site training of venue personnel. With our extensive knowledge in the live events industry, we know the end user needs and believe in keeping it simple.